Continental Grand Prix 5000 Road Bike Tire -

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The Continental Grand Prix 5000 is the successor to the legendary Grand Prix 4000S II road bike tyre. The Grand Prix 5000 is the improved version of its predecessor in practically every aspect. With less rolling resistance, lower weight and more comfort, the Grand Prix 5000 has dethroned the 4000S II after many years of successful rule.

Pros & Cons

  • The new Black Chili Compound has even lower rolling resistance.
  • The supple 330 TPI carcass gives you improved high-speed cornering stability.
  • The laser profile on the edge of the tyre gives you optimal grip on asphalt.
  • The Vectran anti-puncture strip provides additional puncture protection.
  • The Active Comfort Layer absorbs shocks and dampens the vibrations from the road surface, without affecting rolling resistance.

The latest technologies
The Grand Prix 5000 features the latest technologies. An updated version of Continental’s Black Chilli compound resulted in a perfect balance between rolling resistance and traction. With the Lazer Grip technology, the tyre’s tread shoulders have been roughened to give the GP 5000 optimal traction when cornering. This laser profile also improves air flow around the tyre for better aerodynamics.

More stability and comfort
On top of that, the GP 5000's carcass has been improved. The new 330 tpi, 3-layer construction is more rigid than its predecessor. This gives the GP 5000 improved stability in turns and at high speeds. The tyre also has an Active Comfort layer. As the name suggests, Active Comfort enhances riding comfort. The Active Comfort layer absorbs shocks and dampens vibrations from the road surface without affecting rolling resistance. Thus, the Grand Prix 5000 gives you a comfortable ride with optimal rolling resistance.

Improved puncture protection
Lastly, this Continental tyre has an updated version of Continental’s Vectran anti-puncture strip, an additional inner layer that offers increased protection against punctures. According to Continental, this strip reduces the chance of punctures occuring by 20% compared to its predecessor. In this way, Continental makes a considerable contribution to the durability of its Grand Prix road bike tyres. With the Grand Prix 5000, Continental has introduced the successor to the throne!

Winner of the Design & Innovation Award 2019
A prize for cycling products that truly distinguish themselves from the competition!


Black Chili Compound
Continental's designers went back to the drawing board to further perfect the Black Chili compound of the Grand Prix 4000 SII. And they have succeeded! Various test results have shown that the Continental GP5000 scores higher on rolling resistance, durability and wear resistance.

LazerGrip technology
Continental has treated the edges of the Grand Prix 5000 with a laser. The laser profile has optimal adherence to the road for better grip when cornerning. You can really feel the difference at high speed and in wet conditions!

Active Comfort
A shock-absorbing layer has been applied under the skin. This Active Comfort layer dampens vibrations from the road surface. The increased comfort allows you to continue in an aeordynamic position for a longer time and gives you an unparalleled cycling experience.

Vectran Breaker
The Vectran Breaker layer is a puncture protection layer under the tread. This strip prevents sharp stones, twigs and shards of glass from penetrating your carcass into the inner tube. This anti-puncture strip offers even more effective protection against punctures.