Lezyne Mount + Strap Mini/Hecto/Micro/Macro -

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Mounting Strap for Mini/Hecto/Micro/Classic/Micro Pro/Lite/Power Drive

This rubber mounting strap is suitable for the following Lezyne lights from our range: Mini Drive 400 XL, Fusion Drive Pro 600+ and Micro Drive 800+.

This strap is supplied with the lamp as standard, but if you have lost it...

Please note: rubber straps for other types of Lezyne lights are also available. So check carefully whether you order the correct type. Tip: this strap has 5 holes and a rectangular bulge on which the lamp is attached.

• Suitable for lights from the mini, micro, classic, micro pro, power, lite & hecto series from Lezyne
• Strap length: 11.1 cm

About Lezyne
The Lezyne brand has already won numerous awards with their various products. It may gradually be assumed that Lezyne guarantees quality in addition to the very beautiful design. Together with Topeak, they represent the upper segment with regard to bicycle pumps and multi-tools.