Pas Normal Studios

Men’s PAS Speedsuit -

The PAS Speedsuit merges unique structurally mapped fabrics with a speed-optimized construction. The Speedsuit is based on our Mechanism Pro Jersey and Bibs. Every detail in the speed-suit has been meticulously calibrated for pro-level performance. And gives a second-skin feel. The combination of the unique 4D stretch-woven fabrics developed for Pas Normal Studios and our 4-layer ultralight chamois embodies our pursuit of creating a speedsuit for pro cycling. The bold lettering presented within the PAS capsule collection gives a team experience.

Product details
● Race fit built on our Mechanism Pro Bibs and Jersey
● Silicone-free grip woven into the lower part of the leg
● A radio pocket integrated into the back of the suit
● A radio wire loop integrated into the front of the suit
● 4-Layer ultralight foam chamois placed to give comfort in a position optimised for
● Composition:
○ Upper body fabric 79% PES 21% EL
○ Sleeves fabric 70% PA 30% EL
○ Bib leg fabric 64% PA 35% EL 1% PES
○ Crotch area fabric 75% PES 25% EL
● Italian fabric
● Made in Portugal