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PNS x Pirelli TLR Tire - Black -

€75,00 €49,95

Fast, grippy, tubeless-ready tires for high-intensity training sessions and races.

Fast, grippy, and low rolling resistance - the P ZERO™ Race TLR tire was developed to meet the highest demands of World Tour riders. The tubeless-ready technology makes this the perfect all-around cycling tire for high-intensity training sessions and races. 

These tires are injected with over 150 years of research and experience in tire performance and competition. The compound was developed using new advanced-formulation technologies from Pirelli motorsports’ winning traditions and has been specifically designed for cycling. The motorsports-inspired Functional Groove Design delivers extraordinary comfort and water drainage for improved handling in challenging weather conditions, giving you the confidence to hold your speed through the corners.

P ZERO™ Race TLR 28-622 are compatible with hookless rims according to ETRTO 5bar/73psi max pressure limitations.

P ZERO™ Race TLR 26-622 are NOT compatible with hookless rims.

The Race TLR tires come equipped with multiple layers of reinforcement to provide superior puncture protection within a lightweight, high-performance all-rounder with a best-in-class weight-to-protection ratio.

New advanced formulation technologies from Pirelli motorsports’ winning traditions specifically developed for cycling demands. This innovative polymer provides maximum grip while boasting a low rolling resistance.