Dutch cycling brand Megmeister finds its roots in the German word of Meister meaning ‘master’ or ‘craftsman’. The word meister is literally knitted into our DNA and outlines our approach to designing and producing the world’s most sustainable, most technical, performance wear. As a true performance brand, we are science led and data driven, and we always involve a “meister” in every step of product development.

Performance Apparel Reimagined

From the very start, Megmeister has focused on a single goal: to create the world's best performance apparel while reducing our products' impact on the planet. To accomplish that goal, together with Adidas Terrex, Megmeister developed an all-new eco-merino base layer using regenerated yarn that was 96% biodegradable. This breakthrough proved to be the first stage of our race to create the most sustainable high-performance apparel in the industry. Motivated by our early succes, we pushed our designs forward by developing Megmeister's signature innovation: Drynamo

Elevating the Cycling Experience

Using Dynamo technology, the Megmeister team developed the industry's first seamless baselayer using yarns with unrivaled moisture-wicking capabilities and an allergic qualities. Lightweight and remarkably durable, Dynamo base layers provided supreme comfort and superior breathability. After offering these base layers to various teams in multiple sports, we found that our eco-friendly design provided a unique combination of comfort, style, and performance ideally suited for cyclist. And with that, Megmeister found a home in the cycling community. 

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