Speed Potion Wax is the ultimate bicycle chain coating. A top-grade wax composite containing over 17% friction reducing additives in a unique formula that makes you faster. Speed Potion Wax is extremely durable, provides maximum wear protection and keeps your chain clean.

Every watt that is lost to friction is one less watt available to power your bike. Don’t let friction stand between you and your goals. Speed Potion Wax is developed together with pro riders and mechanics who’s daily stage is the World Tour. Speed Potion Wax is the fastest lubricant out there.

Speed Potion Wax:

- makes you faster.
- is designed for riders who produce above average power.
- provides for long maintenance intervals.
- keeps your chain dry and clean.
- is long lasting and durable.
- is developed with pro riders.

- Contents: 100 ml
- Packaging: Bottle
- Brugger standard: 130 N/mm2
- High water resistance
- Very high corrosion protection
- Viscosity 20 degrees: Medium
- Friction coefficient: Very low
- Biodigradable: Yes
- Suitable for: Bicycle chains